Items Left Behind at a Vacation Rental

That feeling you get when you are unpacking from your vacation and realize you forgot your laptop, phone charger, or worse your child's favourite stuffy! We see this time and time again when cleaning our vacation rentals, never fear we are always ready to get these items back to you ASAP!

We Saved “Mittens” and The Whip Is Back Home. Let Me Explain…

With so many visitors staying at one of Sandbanks Vacations’ short-term accommodations over the years, it was inevitable that a few items would get left behind by our guests.

I am happy to report that, so far, no children have ever been left at any of our vacation rental properties. Thank goodness for that!

More great news, no pets have ever been left behind at any of our pet-friendly short-term rentals either.

The kids and pets should consider themselves lucky they made it home though. Some of their clothes and toys were left behind. And poor old fido, he had to “ruff” it a bit, until we got his favourite chewy toy back to him.

Never Fear – Our Great Accommodations Team is Here to Help

When a guest leaves an item at one of our fully managed properties, a member of our cleaning team will likely be the first to discover the forgotten item. They will contact the office and report whatever is found.

One of our accommodation specialists will then notify guests and find out what they would like us to do with their forgotten items. Quite often we package them up and ship them back to the guests. Other times the guests ask us to donate the items left behind to a local charity.

Coats, hats, sweaters, sunglasses, shirts, socks, pants, swimsuits, and the list goes on. If they bring it, there is a potential that they will leave it behind.

Most Common Forgotten Item

The number one item left behind at a Sandbanks Vacations rental property is an Apple iPhone charger. When we report this to the guests, they quite often ask us to just leave it at the property for other guests to enjoy and for their use during their next visit.


OMG – Where is My Laptop?

On one occasion, we had a repeat guest call us in great distress. He checked out of one of our vacation rental properties that morning and was three hours down the road when he discovered that he left his laptop on the dining room table. This laptop was critical to his business, and he needed it back ASAP. Our great team at Sandbanks had it packed up and express-shipped by courier. The laptop was in our guest’s hands by noon the next day.

Mommy, Mommy – Where Did Mittens Go?

Who hasn’t experienced the agony of a child’s favourite stuffed animal or doll going missing?

We once received a call from a panicked mother who thought that she had left their six-year-old daughter’s favourite stuffy at one of our cottages. Sure enough, there was a little stuffed cat, Mittens, sitting on the bed at their rental property. We contacted the mother, and she was very relieved. Mittens was safely back in the daughter’s arms the very next day.

This Forgotten Item Tickled Our Fancy

On one occasion, our cleaning team came across a very interesting find at one of our upscale waterfront homes.

In the top drawer of a bedside table, the cleaners found three items. A whip, a feather, and a bottle of massage oil.

These items were gathered up and safely delivered to our Bloomfield office. The guests were contacted and after a slightly awkward moment, both the guest and our accommodation specialist had good laugh. The items were returned to appreciative guests. We really do go that extra mile to provide outstanding customer service!



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