How To Plan a Budget-Friendly Trip To Prince Edward County

It’s no secret that tourism across Prince Edward County has exploded in recent years…and price tags have gone up right alongside it. But that doesn’t mean budget-savvy travelers should leave PEC off their list. There are still plenty of ways to enjoy The County while sticking to a modest budget, and we’re spilling all of our inside tips in this article. Spoiler alert: It’s all about the activities and accommodations you choose as well as the timing of your stay. Do you have a pen and paper to jot down the coming tips? Good, then keep reading to discover exactly how to plan a budget-friendly trip to Prince Edward County.

Budget-friendly activities: 

Go for a hike 


Are you into the outdoors? Then The County is the place for you! There are a whopping 22 scenic trails for you to explore by bike, foot, horseback, and more.  

We recommend checking out the Dunes Nature Trail in Sandbanks Provincial Park and the Millennium Trail. The North Beach Provincial Park Loop is another one of our favourites.  If you’re planning a hike, then be sure to refer to this curated list of trails in Prince Edward County from All Trails.   

Have a picnic


What hike is complete without a picnic? Packing your lunch (or dinner) is a great way to get a nutritious meal without having to dig too deep into your wallet. You can prepare your food ahead of time or grab multiple appetizers from local restaurants and take them to go. That way, you can sample the local cuisine without committing to a full meal.  

After all, everything tastes better after an invigorating hike, wouldn’t you agree?  

Take a trip to the farmer’s market

Speaking of preparing your own food, consider hitting up one of the many local farmer’s markets to load up on fresh fruits, produce, and more. You can still support local farmers, but at a price point that’s a little friendlier on your wallet compared to dining in.  

Many farmer’s markets also have animals and other fun attractions that are enjoyable for the whole family without costing a penny.  

For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of awesome local farm stands and where to find them. (As an added bonus, you’ll also see our top restaurant recommendations around The County. These could also make great options for picnic nibblies if you don’t feel like packing your own food.)  

Budget-friendly vacation rental property: 


There are a lot of would-be County Vacationers searching for vacation rental properties, which can drive the price of rentals way up. It’s a simple supply and demand issue – and right now, the demand is quickly surpassing the supply.  

But the budget-friendly vacationer isn’t out of the game – there are still some options available for all budgets. Westlake Cottage Resort is a great option for those looking for a more affordable stay without sacrificing any amenities.  

The resort is located on gorgeous West Lake and is a short distance from Sandbanks Provincial Park. It consists of 12 cottages that share waterfront access and a communal firepit. They also offer dock space on-site if you have a boat. Plus, every cottage has a kitchen and barbeque, making it easy to prepare your meals yourself.  

Here’s where you can check out Westlake Cottage Resort and their many cottages, with stays starting at just $125.00 per night.  

Budget-friendly vacation strategy: 

Two of the most considerable costs incurred on vacation are often accommodation and food –  and you can create a strategy to save on each.  

Saving on accommodation


Budget-savvy vacation planning is all about when you go. In Prince Edward County, peak season is July and August. At these times, everyone wants to be here, and they’re willing to pay top dollar to make it happen.  

But The County is gorgeous in the Spring and Fall, too. (And for snow lovers, there’s still plenty to do in the winter months.) In the vacation rental industry, this time is known as “shoulder season,” and traveling at this time of the year opens the door to better accommodation rates.  

For example, one of our properties in the heart of Wellington, 21 East, is $1,900 per week in the high season and just $1,300 per week in the quiet season. That’s a $600 savings simply by timing your vacation strategically. Hello, simple savings.  

Saving on food costs


On top of that, you can save on food by coming prepared. For example, consider baking a batch of muffins or granola bars to have on hand and grab as quick snacks instead of being stuck ordering from a restaurant when you’re hungry.  

If you’re coming for a weekend, week, or longer, you can also make pre-cooked meals and freeze them, so that you can grab them easily. Take a frozen meal out in the morning, enjoy a day exploring Prince Edward County, and come back to a fully prepared dinner; no prep work required. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?  

We hope this article opened your eyes to the many options available in Prince Edward County for the budget-savvy traveler. If you’d like assistance planning your next vacation, we’d be happy to help. We’re just a phone call away, so give us a call today: 613-393-2424.  



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