Winter Activities in Prince Edward County

Are you planning on spending another night sitting at home alone? (2020 has given us plenty of those evenings.) Why not shake things up with a little winter fun that’s safe and adheres to all public health safety measures put in place for Covid-19.

Prince Edward County happens to be a hub for winter activities. Try one (or all!) of these activities this chilly season and see if it brings some joy to the dark days.

1. Go Snowshoeing

There are endless snowshoeing opportunities in Prince Edward County. If you have your own pair and want to head out solo or with some bubble members, try going to the Millennium Trail or Sandbanks Provincial Park. Both offer great trails, but you’ll have to share the road with other activists, like cross country skiers or even snowmobilers on the Millennium Trail.

Normally you can rent snowshoes from a few wineries, like Sugarbush and Three Dog Winery, then access trails right from their properties, however, rentals may not be available this year due to Covid-19. Contact the wineries for more information!

This is an excellent family-friendly activity that also allows the adults in the group to sip on something a little warmer than your average cup of hot cocoa.

Another good spot to mix adult beverages and family fun is  ., located at Campbell’s Orchard on the Rednersville Road. That means` you can enjoy a nice glass of cider while indulging in all the delicious home-baked treats available for purchase at the farm store.

The orchard paths are open to walkers all year and are a modest two kilometers long. Weather permitting, you can head out for a snowshoe instead. You’ll have to bring your own snowshoes though – rentals are currently closed due to Covid-19. 

Don’t forget your thermos – you’ll want to fill it up with steamy hot apple cider from the farm store before you head out on your adventure! This is a fun winter activity that the whole family can enjoy, even Fido! Leashed pets are welcome on the trail, as are well-behaved children.


2. Go cross country skiing

There’s something so incredibly peaceful about cross country skiing at Sandbanks Provincial Park. Not only is cross country skiing an excellent workout, but it’s also a chance to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful scenery that the winter season brings.

If you’re familiar with the park in the nice weather, prepare to be taken aback. The snow seems to transform the area, creating a world of its own among the snow-covered trees.

This is one activity not to be missed! (The park isn’t officially open and does not provide any ski rentals, so you’ll have to bring your own and enjoy the landscape at your own risk.)

3. Visit a brewery, cidery, or spirit house

We mentioned a couple of wineries in the snowshoeing section above (Sugarbush and Three Dog), but did you know many of the wineries, breweries, cideries, and spirit houses in PEC are open all year round? There are many benefits to visiting this time of year. 

Chances are you won’t have to battle the crowds you’re familiar with in the summer, and your experience may feel even more unique and special if you’re getting one-on-one attention from the staff.

Midtown Brewing Company in Wellington has a skating rink (weather permitting) that’s great for a fun free skate.
Kinsip House of Fine Spirits is also open all year long and not a place to be missed in the winter season!



4. Hit the Beach

We mentioned this briefly above, but Sandbanks Provincial Park is truly a sight to be seen in the wintertime. Some years it’s easy to imagine the ice and snow buildup on the water as glaciers, so transformed it is from the blazing summer days. 

Walking the beach is a great way to take in these sights and experience a place in a different way than you may have done before. (It’s also a great way to socialize while practising physical distancing.) 

One word of advice: Bundle up and pack a thermos of cocoa; the wind can be fierce here on a winter’s day.



5. Go Skating

Skating is a great activity that the entire family can enjoy.  The two arenas in The County have currently cancelled all public skating and shinny hockey due to Covid-19. However, if you don’t mind an outdoor experience,  Midtown Brewery in Wellington and Parson’s Brewery in Picton have outdoor rinks that open when the weather permits.

Rentals may not be available this year due to Covid-19. Contact the breweries for more information!

Whatever activity you choose, remember to bundle up, bring a mask, and above all, be kind.



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