Niagara vs. Prince Edward County: Which Wine Region Is Better?

11 reasons why you should pick Prince Edward County over Niagara for your next Ontario wine trip.
Four friends enjoying a wine tour.

Niagara vs. Prince Edward County: Which Wine Region Is Better?


There’s a bit of an unspoken rivalry in Ontario when it comes to wine.

Prince Edward County, affectionately known as The County, has rapidly emerged as a wine region that stands its own viticultural ground.

Considered new kids on the block, they don’t yet have the same global recognition as the vine-strewn valleys of Niagara or the sun-drenched slopes of Napa Valley in California.

But Prince Edward County exudes a certain charm and quality – putting them on the global wine map. As Wines in Niagara even puts it:

“It [Prince Edward County] has its own quirky, unique personality all built on the all-pervading limestone soils that wrap a warm embrace around the Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays the region is famous for… there’s no lack of charm as you zig-zag from winery to winery.”

So, let’s dive deeper and uncork the bottle.

Here are 11 reasons why you should pick Prince Edward County over Niagara for your next Ontario wine trip:

1. A Young Region with a Rich History


Prince Edward County’s wine history may seem youthful compared to the ancient roots of viticulture in the well-established traditions of its North American counterparts.

Yet, this newcomer status is precisely what makes The County exciting and innovative! The 40+ local winemakers, unencumbered by centuries of precedent, are free to experiment, resulting in a region that is dynamic, creative, and constantly evolving.

As Visit the County puts it:

“Prince Edward County may be one of Canada’s youngest wine regions, but its climate is more Old World than New—think elegant reds, crisp whites, and fine sparkling wines. After achieving official status as a Designated Viticultural Area in 2007, many wines from The County have won awards and made top lists around the world. Our award-winning 40+ wineries are experts in handcrafting unique cool-climate wines in an unforgettable setting.”

2. The Limestone Advantage: A Terroir That Speaks Volumes


Terroir is everything in winemaking, and Prince Edward County boasts a distinct one.

The region’s defining characteristic is its limestone-rich soil, reminiscent of the famed Burgundy region in France.

This mineral-driven terroir imparts a notable flintiness to the wines, particularly the Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs, which are the County’s flagship varieties. Wine connoisseurs often seek out the unique minerality that The County’s terroir brings to these classic grapes.

3. A Microclimate That Matures Excellence


Prince Edward County benefits from a unique microclimate, thanks in part to its location on a peninsula jutting into Lake Ontario. The lake effect provides a moderating influence which, combined with the bright, cool climate, creates a longer growing season.

This allows grapes to ripen slowly, developing complex flavors while retaining the fresh acidity that is a hallmark of Prince Edward County’s wines. This balance is often compared favorably to the racy acidity and elegance found in the wines of cooler regions like Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula or France’s Loire Valley.

4. The Boutique Winery Experience


Unlike the larger, more commercialized operations found in regions like the Niagara Peninsula or Napa Valley, Prince Edward County is a haven for boutique wineries.

These smaller-scale producers offer a more intimate and personal wine-tasting experience. It honestly may be the winemaker themselves that’s pouring your wine tasting.

Visitors can often meet the winemakers, wander the vineyards, and enjoy tastings that feel more like a conversation among friends than it is a transaction. This personal touch is something that larger, more commercial wine regions can rarely replicate.

If you’re after an even more in-depth, personal tour, or a behind-the-scenes look at our 40+ wineries, you always have the option to go on a private wine tour.

5. Sustainability and Innovation as a Philosophy


Prince Edward County’s wineries are pioneering in their approach to sustainability and innovation.

Many embrace organic and biodynamic practices, focusing on the health of the vineyard ecosystem. This philosophy aligns closely with that of New World regions like Oregon’s Willamette Valley, yet The County’s approach feels even more grassroots and connected to the community:

  • Harwood Estates is a completely full-time solar-powered winery, growing The County’s most popular varietals such as chardonnay and pinot noir. They’re chair, bicycle, and RV friendly, and offers one-hour of free electric vehicle charging for customers during their visit.
  • Redtail Vineyards, just south of the Consecon, is an organic, off-grid property using a combination of solar energy and geothermal temperature control.
  • Karlo Estates Winery is the world’s first certified vegan winery, by Canadian group VegeCert.
  • Rosehall Run Vineyard produces wines with proactive, eco-friendly farming practices like organic pest prevention.

6. A Culinary Scene to Complement the Wines


Wine and food go hand in hand, and Prince Edward County’s culinary scene is as vibrant as its wines.

The farm-to-table movement is strong here, with local chefs working closely with wineries to craft menus that highlight the best of what The County has to offer. This synergy between the vineyards and the kitchens creates a gastronomic experience that rivals those found in foodie destinations like France’s Bordeaux region or Italy’s Tuscany.

For our top recommended County eats that will delight even the biggest of foodies, check out this article.

7. A Cultural Tapestry That Enriches Every Visit


A trip to Prince Edward County offers more than just wine. The region is steeped in culture, with a bustling arts scene, historic architecture, and a calendar full of festivals and events.

This cultural richness adds layers to a visitor’s experience, much like the complexity found in a glass of Prince Edward County’s finest. It’s an aspect that many wine regions, focused solely on the vines, cannot match. Keep up with it all here.

Plan your next visit around these popular wine events: Terroir in May, TASTE! – Community Grown in September, Wassail in November-December, and Élevage in February to experience the best that our region has to offer.

8. An Accessible Escape


One of Prince Edward County’s most appealing features is its accessibility. Nestled just a few hours’ drive from major cities like Toronto (~2.5 hours) and Ottawa (~3 hours), it offers a convenient escape into a world of wine excellence. Perfect for last-minute or spontaneous anniversaries, birthdays, and bachelorette celebrations.

This contrasts with some of the more remote wine regions of the world, where a visit requires significant travel time and planning.

9. The Personal Touch of The County’s Wine Tours


Wine tours in The County are known for their personalized approach. Small group sizes and knowledgeable guides ensure that visitors have an engaging and educational experience. Unlike the vast wine regions of California or the commercialized routes in Niagara, Prince Edward County’s wine tours are often customizable, offering a more tailored and intimate exploration of the region’s wines.

Explore our popular wine tour offerings here – and don’t hesitate to reach out about customization!

10. The Art of Cool Climate Winemaking


Cool climate winemaking is an art form, and Prince Edward County’s vintners have mastered it.

The wines here are often described as having a certain “nervosity,” a term that encapsulates their lively acidity and energy.

This characteristic is something that many wine aficionados seek out and is akin to what one might find in the cool climate regions of international destinations like New Zealand or Germany.

11. A Destination for All Seasons


You can experience Prince Edward County’s charm all year round.

The changing seasons offer a different palette of experiences, from the lush green vineyards of summer to the golden hues of autumn harvests.

Even in winter, The County becomes a serene snowy retreat, with cozy cellar doors welcoming visitors with a glass of wine by the fireplace – and plenty of local snow activities like snowshoeing from winery to winery. And you can’t forget about the sweetest season of the year, Maple Madness, across The County in March during maple syrup time.

All in all…


Prince Edward County may be a relative newcomer to the global wine stage, but it stands out for its unique combination of terroir, microclimate, and the passionate community of winemakers and foodies.

While it shares some qualities with its beloved Ontario wine region rival, Niagara — such as a commitment to sustainability, a focus on specific varietals, and a rich cultural backdrop — Prince Edward County  offers a distinctive experience that’s all its own.

From the limestone-laden soils that give life to vibrant and mineral-rich wines to the intimate and innovative spirit of its wineries, The County is not just another wine destination – it’s a refreshing chapter in the world’s winemaking story that invites every wine lover to come and write their own page.

Ultimately, the local communities in The County have so much more heart than any other wine region in the world. But that’s just our humble opinion. You’ll have to come and experience it yourselves.

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