What To Do on Your Weekend Getaway to Bluebird in Picton

So you’ve booked a stay at Bluebird in Picton and now have 48 hours in Prince Edward County? Congratulations on your decision to visit our not-so-secret island in Lake Ontario, we know you’ll love it here. If you’re new to The County and want to ensure you hit the best spots around town, we’ve got you covered. Here’s exactly how to make the most of every minute during your stay at Bluebird.

Friday (Arrival) 

5 pm – Check-in and get settled

Race upstairs to the three separate bedrooms and draw straws for who gets the king bed. Then peep around the house and get your bearings. You’ll love Bluebord’s relaxed, airy atmosphere.  

5:30 pm-6:30 pm – Explore the spacious backyard   

Head outside and enjoy a game of badminton (rackets included), or try your hand at a good old-fashioned game of corn hole. (May we suggest that the winner gets to pick the movie you all watch from the big couch later that evening?)   

6:30 pm-8:30 pm – Dine out at a local restaurant for dinner  

Walk over to one of the many local restaurants that are within a 5-minute walk from Bluebird. Snack on guac and chips at 555 Brewing Co. before feasting on wood-fired pizza – with gluten-free pizza bases available, too. Or start with bison tartare nachos at Hartley’s Tavern before digging into their cauliflower falafel. In Prince Edward County, your options are endless.  

8:30 pm-10:00 pm – Kill the lights; it’s movie time  

Make ample use of Bluebird’s smart (internet) TV by having a movie night. Browse Netflix or simply choose something on the satellite TV, if that’s more your thing. Use the provided popcorn maker to pop some delicious snacks, then settle in on the big white couch in the living room. (There’s also a PS4 and games, the kids will be pleased to know, along with more traditional board games like Monopoly and Scrabble.)  

10:00 pm – Wind down and sleep 

Relax and rest up for a fun day of activities tomorrow. (Pro Tip: If you have some work to complete during your stay, then let the kids sleep and take advantage of Bluebird’s fast wifi instead.)  


8 am – Grab breakfast at The Bean Counter Cafe 

A fixture of downtown Picton since 2003, The Bean Counter is not to be missed during your visit to Prince Edward County. All of their coffee is brewed locally with small-batch roasted Fairtrade Organic beans, and they source their loose leaf teas – both classic brews and herbal wellness teas – from premium sites around the world. Get your caffeine fix and choose from a variety of delicious breakfast items. (Insider’s Tip: The blueberry scones pair perfectly with coffee or tea!)  

If classic diner food is more your fancy for Saturday morning breakfast, check out The Vic Drive-In down the road. They open at 8 am, but breakfast is served all day, and they take it very – very – seriously. Choose from breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, brunch platters, and more. Gluten-free members of your group will feel right at home here, as there are many options for them to choose from.  

11 am – Head to Sandbanks Beach or shop Main street 

Sandbanks Provincial Park draws thousands of tourists to Prince Edward County every year – and with its sandy beaches and picturesque dunes, it’s not hard to understand why. The beach is just 15 minutes away by car from Bluebird. If you’re heading there, then be sure to read our handy beach guide first. These days, it’s not quite as simple as “get in the care and go.” 

If you want to stick around town, then you’re in luck; there are plenty of local stores to explore. If you have little ones, you’ll find a wagon at Bluebird for them to cart around to nearby shops. We suggest adding these popular favourites to your list: 

2 pm – Play tennis at Benson Park 

If you’re into tennis, there’s a public court at Benson Park that you can use during your stay. (Find it at 56 King Street, Picton.) Just remember to bring your own tennis gear, as rackets are not provided for you. It’s a multipurpose court, meaning you can also play pickleball on it if you prefer that over tennis.  

3:30 pm – Grab local produce for a fresh dinner at home 

If you’re planning on staying in and cooking a nice meal at home tonight, then hit up a local farm stand for a true farm-to-table experience. In Picton, head to Hagerman Farms or Laundry Farms for a large variety of veggies. (Here’s a list of more local farm stands throughout The County for you to peruse.) 

4:30 – Dinner prep + mealtime 

Take full advantage of the gas barbeque that’s available year-round at Bluebird and enjoy a BBQ dinner tonight. If the weather is warm enough, you can eat outside around the spacious patio table.  

7 pm – Sit around the fire bowl  

Spend a cozy evening with your group around the fire bowl in the backyard. (Roasted marshmallows make an excellent dessert, you know.)  

9 pm – Unwind in the sauna 

Finish the day with a steam in the traditional sauna. Unwind and let the heady scent of cedar lull you into a state of relaxation so deep, you’ll feel like you’ve spent the day at the spa. If you’re brave enough, rinse off with the cold water outdoor shower when you’re done. (The sauna is available all year round to adults and children over 16. The outdoor shower can be enjoyed from mid-April to mid-October.)  

Sunday (Departure) 

8 am – Wake up with coffee

Brew your morning coffee at home today and head out to the patio table in the backyard to sip it in peace. (Everything you need is provided for you – a coffee maker with filters, a coffee grinder, a french press, and coffee, as well as a kettle, teapot, and tea if you’re not a coffee drinker.) 

If you want to check out another coffee shop instead, we suggest heading down Main Street to BEACON BIKE+BREW. (Hungry? They also have a delicious breakfast sandwich with porchetta, smoked gouda, a fried egg, and greens.) 

9 am – Pack up and clean up   

You have to be checked out by 11 am today, so it’s time to pack your bags and do some general cleanup. Follow the instructions in the Guest Guidebook under Check Out Duties to ensure you check out properly.  

Plan your next stay 

If you loved your weekend getaway at Bluebird, then plan your next visit to The County now. Bluebird is a popular spot, and it fills up quickly. If you want to guarantee your stay – maybe the same weekend next year? – be sure to book now. You can book online or call our office, and we’ll happily help you out (613-393-2424).  



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