Stay like a Local in Prince Edward County!

Here are our Top 8 tips to ensure that your stay in ‘The County’ is smooth and enjoyable!

#1 Bring beach towels. Chances are you’re here to go to the world-famous beaches at Sandbanks. Most homes generally supply bath towels for your stay, these should stay inside. For outdoors use, please bring a beach towel. Giant Tiger in Picton has them if you forget. They also have a great stock of beach items and toys.

#2 Keep the sand at the beach! It’s great you and the kids have been building sandcastles all day, but sand in the laundry is no fun. It can cause machines to malfunction and you could be on the hook for costly repair or replacement. When you return from the beach, it is most important that you shake out your personal items thoroughly and hang wet items outside to dry.

#3 Turn outside lights off at night. This is the country, and in the country, there are BUGS! Something you might not realize is that if you leave exterior lights on at night, bugs will want to come inside as they are attracted to the light. At night be sure lights are off and the doors and windows are shut.

#4 Nothing says vacation like a good old-fashioned campfire. In Prince Edward County, each and every time you start a fire, you need to CALL IT IN to the local fire department. Properties will have the fire permit with the phone number listed upon arrival. If it is not called in and a fire starts, beyond the obvious danger, you will be on the hook for all fines. Also, please buy wood locally (at the side of the roads or at area stores). Bringing wood from away may mean invasive species come to the party and we don’t want that!

#5 Nasty plants! You will want to familiarize yourself with a couple native plants that can really put a damper on your vacation. Poison Ivy is located around the County and this is what it looks like:

Never heard of Wild Parsnip? Well it’s a menace. It looks a lot like Queen’s Ann’s lace. This is what the plant looks like:


Tick information for Prince Edward County

#6 Ticks. Where there are deer there are ticks. A good deal of information about Ticks and Lyme disease can be found here. If you are visiting Prince Edward County and like to hike in nature, you will want to take some precautions when strolling through tall grassy areas as these are the favourite habitat of ticks.

#7 Critters. In the country mice and ants tend to live outside, but during certain weather conditions, they may try to make themselves at home inside. You can do your part to keep them out as follows: make sure doors are properly shut and not left open for extended periods, put away all food at the end of the day (inside and out) and make sure garbage cans are properly closed and secured.

#8 Have fun but respect the rules! If you’ve never stayed at a vacation rental you may think that it’s okay to treat it like a Holiday Inn. The majority of our guests are very respectful of our vacation homes and we are grateful for that. We ask all guests to treat our homes as they would their own or at least one of a respected colleague. If you have any questions about how things are to be left, there are instructions onsite and we are only an email or phone call away. Here’s to an awesome stay in Prince Edward County!