Trails in Prince Edward County

hike sandbanks prince edward county

From Little Bluff to Point Traverse, the Millennium Trail to Sandbanks beaches, the County is a spectacular spot to get out of the car and take a hike!


Hiking Sandbanks Provincial Park (Lake Shore Lodge & East Lake)

During the summer I always seem to be drawn to walking the dunes at Sandbanks Provincial Park. My choice point of departure is the Lake Shore Lodge from which you can choose to either explore kilometers of dunes in one direction or a breath taking rock shore line in the other direction. The choice is yours.

A popular alternative is to depart from a parking lot just south of Dunes Beach parking lot. Free to the public this parking lot is situated on the foot of two sets of trails: one which reaches into the spanning dunes on West Lake and the other which eventually land you (after a scenic walk through a forest) on the dunes that front onto Lake Ontario.

Bike and Hike The Millennium Trail

Another popular choice for summer and winter walks and bike rides is the Millennium Trail. Spanning across the entirety of Prince Edward County the Millennium is the now the long past route of the rail road that used to carry in and out the bounty of Prince Edward Counties fields and canning factories.

While opportune for walking the Millennium Trail is less than ideal for the casual biker. This is on account of the sometimes over-sized stones that cover the trail.

Biking and Hiking McCauley Mountain

Check this out


Winter is long and cold and we suggest you fight back by hitting the trails. As all the locals will tell you there is nothing quite like the dunes in winter. Wondering where to start? Whether summer or winter I would suggest either lake shore lodge or a small parking lot you will find right after the Dunes beach parking lot. To get information on either I would suggest starting your journey at the Sandbanks Provincial Park Visitor center which is open year round.


Cross Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing at Sandbanks Provincial Park

Prince Edward County, and in particular Sandbanks Provincial park, has groomed cross country skiing, snowmobiling and walking trails that are altogether spectacular. The proximity of Sandbanks Provincial Park to lake Ontario provides the West Lake area and Park with an extra blanket of snow, making it the ideal spot for your next escape.

Not sure how to get started?

Terry Sprague has put together a wonderful guide to the parks trails on his Nature Stuff site.

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