Top Ten Stops in The County

Top ten things to do in Prince Edward County


Top ten things to do in Prince Edward CountyThere are an endless number of ways to explore and come to understand all the County has to offer. While wineries are a popular attraction they are by no means all the County has to offer. With the area’s natural beauty, artists and crafts people have become the heart of the County, and were the ones to define its “County” character  far before its discovery as a wine growing region. With a rich Loyalist history that informs both the area’s architecture and fills its store shelves, Prince Edward County  will be sure to remind you of a simpler, richer and more relaxed time.

Here are some stops you might want to add to your To Do list!

Miss Lilys Cafe in Picton

photo – Miss Lily’s Cafe

1. Start your day like the locals do! Begin with a coffee or tea at Miss Lily’s Cafe in Picton. A quaint coffee shop attached to the local bookstore where the atmosphere is relaxed, the staff is friendly and there are the best molasses ginger cookies you will ever find!

Lake on the Mountain

photo – Peggy deWitt

2. Next,  head to Lake on the Mountain, one of two provincial parks in The County, cloaked in mystery and legend, the turquoise lake is a source of amazement and a beautiful setting for activities in the park. Lake on the Mountain is a natural curiosity: it has a constant flow of clean, fresh water, with no apparent source, as it is situated 60 metres above Lake Ontario. The Mohawks offered gifts to its spirits and the settlers thought it was bottomless. Come for the view of the Bay of Quinte! Bring along your camera to capture nature’s beauty while contemplating the secrets hidden in this truly memorable place. Eat lunch at Lake on the Mountain Restaurant or The Miller House.

Vicki's Veggies farm stand Prince Edward County

Photo – Good Food Revolution

3. Visit Vicki’s Veggies, “certified organic” with ECOCERT Canada. This farm has a huge selection of heirloom tomatoes, peppers, beans and much more including the most flavourful arugula around. Browse the adorable farm stand that once was a post office on one of the prettiest roads in The County, Morrison Point Road. Each September Vicki’s Veggies farm hosts the largest tomato tasting with over 100 varieties to sample at their annual Heirloom Hurrah Tomato Tasting.

Honey Pie & Herbals Prince Edward County

photo – Honey Pie & Herbals

4. Head over to Honey Pie and Herbals on County Road 24 to visit their farm store and Mead tasting room where you will find some delicious honey and herbal teas, beeswax candles and fragrant soaps and lotions. Vicki’s Veggies helps out by providing a diverse habitat and home to thousands of the Honey Pie bees. Beekeepers from Honey Pie Hives & Herbals manage these active hives for pollination, honey & wax. While visiting you can sample some of The County’s first mead made from County honey at this sweet little stop and leave with some all natural insect repellent and sunscreen.

Sandbanks Vacations5. Take a lunch break at the world famous Sandbanks Provincial Park, noted for its picturesque sand dunes and beaches. The Park consists of three beaches: The Sandbanks, The Dunes and The Outlet. All three parks feature dog-friendly areas.  Sandbanks is also home to an interesting mix of vegetation and wildlife and offers trails and a day use playground. In the summer, food is available at beach area canteens or nearby Outlet at the Outerbanks deli.

MacCools Reused Bloomfield

photo – MacCools Reused

6. No country drive would be complete without some antique hunting and what better place to hunt for treasures than MacCool’s Reused.  Located in a 150 year old barn on your way towards Bloomfield on County Road 12.  MacCool’s specializes in antiques, mid century modern, and collectables all displayed in the barn.

Slickers ice cream Bloomfield, Ontario

Photo – Great Waterway

7. Your day will not be complete without a stop for ice cream and Slickers in Bloomfield is the place to go. This is no ordinary ice cream shop as all of their ice creams are hand made in The County and include interesting tastes such as Apple pie made with real apple pie or Campfire Cream made with real roasted marshmallows. The shop is very tiny and lines are usually long so just know that the wait is well worth every lick!

Shattered Glass Studio

photo – Shattered website

8. Artists abound in Prince Edward County with all the wonderful art galleries around every corner, one of our favourite galleries is Shattered Studio & Gallery located in Hillier outside Wellington. Eco-artist Vanessa Pandos incorporates recycled and antique glass, found objects and wine accoutrements into contemporary glass panels and three-dimensional sculptures.  Glass is an ongoing exploration of the tangibility of light and this is the place to see and buy a gorgeous piece.

Chetwyn alpaca Farms

photo – Chetwyn Alpaca Farm website

9. One of the newest additions to the farm community is the Chetwyn Alpaca Farm located on Closson Road. Enjoy a meandering drive down this picturesque road as you venture past wineries and happen upon the  Alpacas. Visit the Shed for bird and garden treats and some shed shit otherwise known as Alpaca Beans (manure) that are the best natural fertilizer for vegetables, flower gardens and even house plants.  It’s lower in organic matter than manure from other farm animals but still has enough to improve soil texture and water retention.

Lavender Farm Prince Edward County

Photo – Lavender Farm website

10. Just down the road from the alpaca farm is the sweet smell of the Prince Edward County Lavender Farm  where you will find many cultivars of
lavender, offering a myriad of colours, scents and tastes.
Some of the cultivars are praised for their exceptional essential oil qualities, while others are best kept for culinary creations or crafts.

To end the perfect day head over to the Drake Devonshire for a delicious cocktail on the deck overlooking the lake and enjoy the gorgeous sunset and gentle sound of the waves.

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