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 Short Term Rental Agreement

The Short Term Rental Agreement outlines the terms and conditions between the Renter (such Renter and Renter Information to be identified in Part B of this Agreement) and Owner, or Owner’s Agent, (hereinafter referred to as “Owner”) for the purpose of renting, the vacation rental property, (referred to interchangeably as “Property” or “Premises”).

The Short Term Rental Agreement is made of two parts, Part A and Part B.

Part A is the general agreement for all vacation rental properties listed with Sandbanks Vacations & Tours. Part B is the sister agreement that outlines the special terms pertaining specifically to the rental property.

Part A: Short Term Rental Agreement – General Terms and Conditions for All Vacation Properties

  • Owner will be responsible for cleaning of the Property prior to the Renter’s arrival. Renter is asked to wash all dirty dishes, glasses, put garbage and recycling in designated areas and leave the property in an orderly state. Please see list of checkout duties onsite as provided by Owner. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.
  • Rental Fee is payable by Visa, MasterCard or e-transfer. Each rental involves a Rental Deposit (if booking more than 6 weeks prior to arrival), Rental Balance and a Damage Deposit. Details of these amounts and due dates are found in Part B.
  • Upon processing of the Rental Fee Balance and receipt of the Damage Deposit (in form of credit card on file), the Renter will be contacted regarding the address and arrangements to obtain access to the Property.
  • At the termination of the Rental Period, assuming that there is no damage to the Property or additional charges as a result of the Renter’s actions or activities, the credit card authorization will expire 14 business days following the Renter’s
  • If, there are damages to the Property, the Renter agrees to pay for any damages to the Premises and Property, including but not limited to, furnishings and household items, which occurred as a result of the Renter’s Damages will not include normal wear and use. This fee will be deducted from the damage deposit and forwarded to the Owner. The amount refunded will be determined solely by the Owner.
  • If the Owner discovers that the number of people staying at the Property exceeds the number of people stated in this agreement, or if smoking occurs inside the Premises, or a pet has stayed in the property where pet(s) arrangements were not made in advance of or during booking, the full damage deposit may be forwarded to the
  • If the Owner discovers that an organized event or large gathering of people, in excess of the number of people stated in the agreement, took place at the Property without consent of the Owner, the full Damage Deposit may be forwarded to the Owner.
  • The Renter may not sublet or transfer this agreement without written consent of the
  • The Owner or Owner designated agent may enter the Premises at any reasonable time, with notice, unless in the case or emergency, with or without notice, for the purpose of making repairs and inspections.
  • If the Renter violates any of the conditions of this agreement, or limitations as outlined in this agreement, the Owner may terminate this agreement and enter the Premises by force or statutory proceedings in which case any moneys paid by the Renter will be forfeited by the Renter as liquidated damages.
  • The Owner shall not be held liable or be responsible for any accident or injuries occurring to the Renter or guests of Renter on this Property or Premises.
  • The Renter hereby agrees to reimburse the Owner for any penalty that may be imposed on the Owner by any court by reason of any violation upon the Premises through fault of the Renter herein, his/her family members or guests. Such reimbursement shall be made within 7 business days of written notification by the This includes charges related to starting a fire without calling in the Burn Permit number to the local fire department or any charges relating to the fire department having to put out a fire onsite. Renter agrees that no fire will be started at properties without fire pits or burn permits present. In the case that the Renter violates this agreement, the full damage deposit may be forwarded to the Owner.
  • The Renter certifies that he/she has carefully read the limitations the Owner has set forth in this Agreement, including limitations on the number of persons permitted to occupy the Premises, and agrees that if specified limitations are exceeded without the written consent of the Owner, the Owner shall have the right to cancel this Agreement. In the event that it becomes necessary to cancel this Agreement as provided for in this clause, any moneys paid by the Renter will be forfeited as liquidated damages.
  • The Renter agrees to comply with the following RENTAL TERMS & CONDITIONS affecting the area and rental Premises:
    1. Smoking is restricted to the outdoors. Renter agrees to clean up all cigarette/cigar ash and remains. The full damage deposit will be processed if it is found smoking occurred indoors.
    2. Garments, towels and wet bathing suits are to be hung on the lines provided. All sand is to be removed by Renter or guests of Renter prior to using washing machine or dryer. Sand can cause appliance malfunction, for which Renter will be responsible.
    3. Shooting fireworks and / or firearms is strictly prohibited.
    4. Occupancy of the premises shall be sufficiently quiet and peaceful so as not to disturb residents and their guests in the neighbourhood. Renter agrees to obey current local bylaws.
  • The Owner and Renter are not responsible for damages resulting from lightning, rain, flood or other natural disasters. No refunds are provided to the Renter if such events occur.
  • If Renter cancels this Agreement in excess of three (3) weeks of arrival date, you will get a 75% refund. Any cancellations within three (3) weeks of arrival date, you will get 25% refund.

Part B: Short Term Rental Agreement –Terms and Conditions

 Renter agrees with the following TERMS AND RENTAL CONDITIONS.

  1. a) Pets: Pets ARE NOT allowed at this property.
  2. b) Linens: Sheets, pillowcases and towels WILL be supplied by Owner.
  3. c) Complimentary Items: Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels), hand and dish soap and basic starter coffee/tea are supplied by the Owner
  4. d) Check-in time (no earlier than): 4:00 PM Check- out time (no later than): 11:00 AM

If you would like early check-in or late check-out, this may be provided for a fee of $50 per.

  1. e) Please dispose of garbage and recycling according to instructions located at property.
  2. f) Keys must be left in a pre-determined designated area. If keys are not returned replacement costs will be deducted from the damage deposit. Owner will advise.

In the event of damage or if extra cleaning is required, I authorize Sandbanks Vacations & Tours to process the Damage Deposit payment of  $1000 (Bliss) and $500.00 (all other properties) to my credit card on file within 14 business days of my departure date. If damages to the property exceed this amount, Sandbanks Vacations & Tours will notify me to make arrangements for additional payments. If there are no damages, the Pre-authorization expires 14 business days following my departure date from the vacation property.


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