What to Expect on a Sandbanks Vacations Wine Tour

 Wine Tour Prince Edward County

Have you ever been on a wine tour in Canada?  Have you ever been on a wine tour anywhere in the world?  Do you wonder what you might experience going on a wine tour of Canada’s newest and fastest growing wine region – Prince Edward County or known by the locals as simply “The County”.

After many seasons of conducting wine tours in Prince Edward County here’s some of the comments most frequently expressed to our wine tour guides by visitors.

Tour Guide Wolf with guests“Visitors love the personal interaction and passion of the County wine makers. Visitors get to experience and sense the owner’s passion for the land and for their craft.  Owners and winemakers spend time with their guests.  It’s not just about getting you in the door, having some tastes and then feeling like you have to buy some of their wines.  Visitors get to go into the fields and behind the scenes, into the production area and the barrel room.  The guests are introduce to the people who run the wineries.”

“Visitors love visiting a mix of small and large wineries. In particular they love small wineries where the tastings almost always happen right in the production area.  Surrounded by stainless steel tanks and barrels they get to not only enjoy their tastings but they also get to see how it all happens.  It’s all pretty casual but very interesting.”

One of the nicest compliments that our guides love to hear is when visitors say how much they enjoyed not having to make decisions about where to go, how to get there, what to taste, where they can get a fabulous meal later that evening… the most frequent comment I hear – “Wolf, I didn’t have to think. You did that for me and that’s great.  Visitors can relax, let someone like me make sure that they have a fun time and stay out of trouble touring our many Prince Edward County wineries.

Wolf Braun, Tour Guide at Sandbanks Wine Tours – January 2012

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