Check out list

Checkout List for our Guests 

We hope you are having a wonderful stay here in Prince Edward County! We expect that you found the house clean when you arrived.

Before you leave, if you and your guests would please:

  • Turn down covers on whichever beds you have used, no need to strip
  • Hang wet towels to dry
  • Gather and remove personal belongings from property – especially device chargers**
  • Empty the refrigerator and freezer of your personal items
  • Place garbage in outside containers and secure shut
  • Place recycling in outside containers and secure shut
  • Wash dishes and/or turn on dishwasher
  • Wipe counter tops clean
  • Close and lock all windows– open windows can result in water damage or increased hydro charges
  • Clean off bbq and close propane valve
  • If there is any damage or if anything is broken, please contact the Owner or Owner’s Rep
  • Set thermostat to 75ºF/23ºC or higher if it’s summer and you’ve had the air conditioning on, 61ºF/16ºC if heat has been on
  • Turn off all lights
  • Return Sandbanks Beach Pass and keys plus parking pass (if available) that you found inside the property to where you found them. You will be charged a minimum of $135.00 per park pass to replace if you take the pass home.
  • Front door – lock with lockbox key (please double-check)
  • Key – in lockbox and digits set to “0000” if applicable or lockbox properly closed (please double-check)

We very much appreciate your cooperation in leaving this home in a tidy state. On behalf of the Sandbanks Vacations & Tours team, we wish you a smooth trip home and hope you will come to stay with us again 🙂

** a $20 + HST handling fee in addition to postage and packing materials may apply to return items to you – at Owner discretion